Month: March 2019

Escape from Flatland – my Øredev talk

Last November, I gave two talks at Øredev in Malmö, Sweden. Unfortunately, it took 4 months to make it happen, but finally the video of my talk – Escape from Flatland – is available as an online recording.

I’ve poured a ton of stuff I learned about AR/VR/MR design into this 35 minute talk. It is full of how-tos, tips, traps to avoid, motivational examples and case studies for aspiring designers aiming to take their first step in the wonderful world of spatial computing. Here’s the talk’s abstract:

“When getting started with AR and VR development, the most difficult challenge to overcome is not technical — it is to think and design spatially instead of in 2D. Just like the characters in Edwin A. Abbott’s novella, most design teams find it difficult to escape traditional 2D thinking and seize the opportunities the new technologies present. This talk contains tips & tricks on how to think in 3D, alongside inspiring real-world examples and demos.”

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts in the comments!


Thank you Hasko and Exa: The Infinite Instrument VR for allowing me to use a video clip and music in my talk!